Wait… What?

The prophetic in layman’s term is: Hearing what God is telling you and releasing it. I know that sounds like some spiritual christian charismatic stuff, and it is. The bible is full of prophecy and God speaking to His people. God delivered messages to select people, they would go and tell people what God had told them, and everyone they told believed them… for the most part. If we hear someone say “I heard from God,” we all jump to the conclusion that they are crazy or making it up. God speaks to us everyday, and I believe he wants us to share His heart to the people around us.

Relationship is Key

Our way into the “Prophetic” is our relationship with God. When we are close with God He shares things with us. Just like my girlfriend or best friend will share something with me that they wouldn’t share with someone they barely know. Humans are extremely relational. We were designed for it, and it is what God intended for us. Our relationships say a lot about who we are. The depth, the time invested, the consistency, and the way we treat them says a lot.

The Depth

The depth of a relationship can make it or break it. Is everything surface level, and the answer to “how is everything?” always “good”? I wrote in my last post about not wanting to date someone who acts like they are perfect, and I sure don’t want a friend like that either. It’s when we get into the nitty gritty of our relationships that we can truly grow them. Talk to God and be honest. Don’t lie to Him, because He already knows what you are thinking. He can take your cussing, your ignorance, your arrogance, your pride, your cruel thoughts, your everything. God is not falling off His throne because you cuss at Him and tell Him you are angry at Him. In fact, He wants all of that. He wants the full you, the you when nobody is around.

The Time & Consistency

My love language is quality time, and I desire one on one interaction over large group settings any day of the week. Some people don’t operate that way, but just like God wants us to worship Him corporately, He also desires one on one time with us, and a lot of it at that. We typically make excuses and claim that we are busy and don’t have time for certain things, when in reality we prioritize things according to our personal agenda. Jesus made us a priority when He went to the cross. Carving out an hour of your day to spend time with Him isn’t too much to ask. I’m not saying that an hour a day is the secret recipe. If you can’t do an hour, start with 10 minutes and build from there. My day with God is a continuous conversation. We chat, I get distracted, and then we pick back up. The time you spend with Him will be valued and you will see change as you pour more and more into relationship with Him.

It All Works Together

Your relationship with God and the prophetic go hand in hand. What it means to “prophesy” in the 21st century, whether you are a cessationist (believing that the spiritual gifts have passed)  or a continuationist (believing that the spiritual gifts are still available for the here and now), God is still speaking to us and telling us things that he wants us to share for the edification of the church. He is speaking to people all around the world, Christian or not. What He says, when He says it, or who He says it to is not up to us. As our relationship with God grows and we begin to experience Him and spend more time with Him, he reveals things to us.

Practice Makes Perfect

I once heard a story from someone who was completely new  to the subject of the modern day prophetic ministry. He had been sitting in church one day and God told him that the couple behind him was having marital issues. He turned around to the couple and asked if he could speak with them privately and told them, “I’m practicing hearing from God” as a precaution. As he began to speak, words started flying out of his mouth about how the couple shouldn’t be fighting, and how much God loves them, and so many other details that the only explanation was God had told him. The couple broke down and wept and enrolled in marriage counseling that very same day. The goal of the prophetic is to encourage and build up each other. Not to tear down, not to punish, not to demean, not to manipulate, but to edify. Prophetic words should always align with scripture, and if they don’t, then you’re probably speaking from your own thoughts and not from what God is saying.

The Prophetic and Me(n)

Did you know that we as Christians are called to be uncomfortable? We are called to a lot, but being uncomfortable is a mandatory side effect of it all. Chances are if you aren’t uncomfortable, then you are complacent and content in your faith, and that is a dangerous place to be. Hearing God is not an exact science. You will make mistakes and you will be totally off, and this is where the uncomfortability comes into play. Find safe people you are comfortable with and practice hearing the voice of God. Preface your interactions and let them know that you are practicing, then simply let God speak to you about a situation, person, etc.

Men, when we can deliver the words that God is speaking to us about the people and situations around us, our atmospheres will change. When we can usher God into the lives of those around us we have the potential to make an impact. We have the pleasure of being co-heirs and co-laborers with Christ, and to bring heaven to earth. My prayer is that men would lead under the reign of God. That men would love like Jesus and show so much compassion that when we walk into a room the aroma of Christ would overwhelmingly fill that space. That we would take the lamp shades off and let His light shine through us. Men, we can change so many things if we can truly partner with God and we take Him up on everything he has promised us.

James is passionate about life change through the encounter of the Holy Spirit. Like most 20 something year old millennials you'll find him at a local coffee shop posted for hours reading books, scrolling news feeds, writing blog posts, or chatting with friends. He is a firm believer in relationships and strong community and his heart is to see that everyone would come to know Jesus so they can be fully loved and fully known.

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