Friday, November 24, 2017
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Blogs Inspired By Faith (That Are Inspiring Me)

In my previous blogging life, we had a fun community of people that all knew each other. Somewhere along the line I appointed myself...

Letting Your Thoughts Percolate (And Not Settling for Shallow)

Everyone has opinions. Sometimes you form opinions really fast, like when you watch a movie for 15 minutes and decide you don't want to waste...

Everyone Loves a Blog Reboot

I panicked. After a couple weeks of writing, I got a serious dose of anxiety. I can’t keep this up. I have nothing to...
Being Open to Change as Men

Being Open to Change as Men

Change is difficult. It's even more difficult when someone tells you to change. Your ego kicks in and says "I'll change when I want...
Men and Starting a Journey

Starting a New Journey

I don’t know where the spark came from. Maybe I’ve missed writing. Creating. It’s been years since I stopped actively writing on a personal...