About Of Life and Men

I started Of Life and Men with a desire to discuss life. To talk about the issues we face, and challenge what we believe. To wrestle with difficult topics, and understand our thoughts and behaviors. Sometimes this relates to us as men, or simply as Christians navigating our world and the culture that we live in.


Husbands. Dads. Friends. Employees. Leaders. Each relationship has their own unique challenge. We all have shortcomings, prior beliefs, and biases that keep us from fulfilling our potential. It’s important that we discuss life, and how to grow as men.


Accepting and following Christ changes our entire person, on an individual level, and outwardly as we interact with the world. We’re all on a faith journey, men and women alike. Believing in Christ and following him to the best of our abilities touches a lot of areas, and nothing is off-limits here.


The world is a complicated place. We have a desire to talk about the issues of our day, and relentlessly pursue truth. Whether it’s politics, media, or pop culture, society around us is inescapable. We want open dialogue about the culture, how it impacts us and our families, and how we can impact the world for good.


Whatever topic touches our hearts and inspires discussion, we want to embrace that with a pervading sense of love. Instead of running from disagreement, we acknowledge that inevitability, and commit to speaking thoughtfully, gently, and honestly.

Nathan Charlton
Of Life and Men Editor